Yeah Paris baby!

24 hours from Queensland to Paris but I made it…what a mission! I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon, only so many hours you can spend watching movies on a tiny screen before you go mental.

Eiffel Tower close upAnyway, got a couple of days to kill now before I head down to the Alps so figured I’d chill out and see the sights and sample some of the delights the French capital has to offer.

So yesterday I went to check out the Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower. The queues were insane, even during term time, but it was worth it – pretty mind blowing view from the top. Tonight I’m out for dinner in the 11th arrondissement where the best restaurants are supposed to be. Not sure if I’m adventurous enough to try frogs legs though, I guess I’ll just go with the flow and see how it goes lol.

On Monday morning I get a flight down to Geneva and then a quick train ride over to Chamonix to get settled in…awesome!

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