Next stop – England

Mont BlancWell that was a helluva week…my buds back in Oz who’d already tried snowboarding told me I was gonna love it and that once I’d caught the bug I’d want to keep going back and I guess they were right.

Can’t believe how quick the last 10 days have gone. Still, it’s time to say goodbye to Mont Blanc and move on. Next stop is England…flying into London in a couple of hours and then on the train up to one of my old surfer buddies Dan’s place in the North East. He met a British chick Laura a few years ago when she was in Queensland and ended up moving to the UK with her.

They just bought a place of their own in Lincolnshire in a town called Grimsby. It needs a bit of doing up and I said I’d give them a hand…it’ll be good to see them again and catch up on old times…I wonder if Grimsby is anything like in that Sacha Baron Cohen film lol.

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