Gettin Down n Dirty in Grimsby

Cool seeing Dan and Laura again, that dude hasn’t changed a bit, still nutty as a fruitcake. I got into Grimsby about 7pm last night with plenty of time to grab a curry (man these folks up here know how to cook a mean jalfrezi!) and a few beers. Well quite a lot of beers hehe.Skip Hire Grimsby

Still felt kinda hazy this morning but had to get up early to get down to their new place. It’s gonna look pretty sweet once it’s finished and the loft extension is built but for now it still needs a fair bit of work. They’re still chucking out a lot of the furniture the old owners left and Dan wanted me to knock down one of the (non-supporting) walls so that was pretty fun.

They got a skip (a big dumpster-like thing) outside from a local company to put all the waste in and take it away…I expect we’re going to need a couple more of those before the job’s finished. Pretty tiring work on a hangover so staying off the beers for a few days!

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