Eating out in Paris

I’m more of a barbecue person myself to be honest…

But hey I’m in Paris so it had to be done…I skipped the frogs legs and went Escargotsstraight for the snails, or “escargots” instead. Actually not as bad as I was expecting. Kinda rubbery but they really just taste of garlic since they’re cooked in garlic butter.

I felt a bit ill this morning though. Not sure if that’s down to the snails or the bottle of Bourgogne I caned on my own hehe – probably a bit of both. Still could be worse. The folks in the bistro on the corner made me a glass of warm, neat Pastis (a strong alcoholic aniseed drink, like a slightly milder version of Absinthe, that seems to be really popular with old blokes over here) and made me down it in one go – they said I’d either feel better or be horribly sick. It actually did the trick and I’ve been walking around with a bit of a buzz on since then!

Looking forward to getting down to the Alps and onto the slopes. The snow report for Chamonix is looking good and they’re expecting another heavy fall tomorrow afternoon…awesome.

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