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Wedding Bells, Venice, Plaster of Paris and Venetian Plaster

Well damn it’s been a long time since I’ve written here. Never planned on staying in this country – the UK is way too cold and sheesh where’s the sun? But here I still am, down in London now. Why? Well I guess love works in mysterious ways. So much has happened I’m not gonna even go there but suffice to say life took a few twists I never saw coming. If you’d told me three years ago I was going to meet the girl of my dreams, get hitched and end up staying here in the cold and rain , I would never have believed you.


Getting hit by a truck wasn’t part of the plan either to be honest.


So I’ve spent 12 months looking like something out of The Mummy and then going through some pretty extreme physio. I’m just about through it and lucky to be alive but let’s just say my surfing days are over.


Anyway we had a beautiful honeymoon in Venice – seems like a lifetime ago now. What an amazing city, never seen anything like it. Last month we had our place done up in Venetian plaster and every time I look at our new walls it reminds me of those two weeks in Italy before the world turned upside down. Quite possibly the happiest fortnight of my life.

Our new Venetian plaster wall

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Gettin Down n Dirty in Grimsby

Cool seeing Dan and Laura again, that dude hasn’t changed a bit, still nutty as a fruitcake. I got into Grimsby about 7pm last night with plenty of time to grab a curry (man these folks up here know how to cook a mean jalfrezi!) and a few beers. Well quite a lot of beers hehe.Skip Hire Grimsby

Still felt kinda hazy this morning but had to get up early to get down to their new place. It’s gonna look pretty sweet once it’s finished and the loft extension is built but for now it still needs a fair bit of work. They’re still chucking out a lot of the furniture the old owners left and Dan wanted me to knock down one of the (non-supporting) walls so that was pretty fun.

They got a skip (a big dumpster-like thing) outside from a local company to put all the waste in and take it away…I expect we’re going to need a couple more of those before the job’s finished. Pretty tiring work on a hangover so staying off the beers for a few days!

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Next stop – England

Mont BlancWell that was a helluva week…my buds back in Oz who’d already tried snowboarding told me I was gonna love it and that once I’d caught the bug I’d want to keep going back and I guess they were right.

Can’t believe how quick the last 10 days have gone. Still, it’s time to say goodbye to Mont Blanc and move on. Next stop is England…flying into London in a couple of hours and then on the train up to one of my old surfer buddies Dan’s place in the North East. He met a British chick Laura a few years ago when she was in Queensland and ended up moving to the UK with her.

They just bought a place of their own in Lincolnshire in a town called Grimsby. It needs a bit of doing up and I said I’d give them a hand…it’ll be good to see them again and catch up on old times…I wonder if Grimsby is anything like in that Sacha Baron Cohen film lol.

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Snowboarding in Chamonix

Snowboarding in ChamonixAll I can say is……wow wow wow! This is freakin’ AWESOME, I love this place!

Couldn’t have asked for better conditions, the snow’s perfect and the weather’s been unbelievable. Still getting the hang of this boarding lark though…not nearly as close to surfing as I thought it would be. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve fallen flat on my backside and it bloody hurts, I’ll have to get one of those protector pads this afternoon!

Still, having a great time though – the views are incredible, the boarding’s a lot of fun and the little 5 – 10 minute breaks going up the mountain on the lifts are really quiet and peaceful. I’ve met some pretty cool people as well. Life is good!

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Chamonix Here I Come

Flying to GenevaJust got through customs at Geneva airport…compared to the flight from Oz, this time it went by in a flash, barely had time for the little sandwich they brought before we were descending again.

Just chilling now at the bar for a bit before I jump on the train. Weather report for Chamonix still looks amazing. Should arrive late afternoon just in time to pick up my board and boots and then check in at the chalet. Sweet 🙂

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Eating out in Paris

I’m more of a barbecue person myself to be honest…

But hey I’m in Paris so it had to be done…I skipped the frogs legs and went Escargotsstraight for the snails, or “escargots” instead. Actually not as bad as I was expecting. Kinda rubbery but they really just taste of garlic since they’re cooked in garlic butter.

I felt a bit ill this morning though. Not sure if that’s down to the snails or the bottle of Bourgogne I caned on my own hehe – probably a bit of both. Still could be worse. The folks in the bistro on the corner made me a glass of warm, neat Pastis (a strong alcoholic aniseed drink, like a slightly milder version of Absinthe, that seems to be really popular with old blokes over here) and made me down it in one go – they said I’d either feel better or be horribly sick. It actually did the trick and I’ve been walking around with a bit of a buzz on since then!

Looking forward to getting down to the Alps and onto the slopes. The snow report for Chamonix is looking good and they’re expecting another heavy fall tomorrow afternoon…awesome.

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Yeah Paris baby!

24 hours from Queensland to Paris but I made it…what a mission! I don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon, only so many hours you can spend watching movies on a tiny screen before you go mental.

Eiffel Tower close upAnyway, got a couple of days to kill now before I head down to the Alps so figured I’d chill out and see the sights and sample some of the delights the French capital has to offer.

So yesterday I went to check out the Champ de Mars and the Eiffel Tower. The queues were insane, even during term time, but it was worth it – pretty mind blowing view from the top. Tonight I’m out for dinner in the 11th arrondissement where the best restaurants are supposed to be. Not sure if I’m adventurous enough to try frogs legs though, I guess I’ll just go with the flow and see how it goes lol.

On Monday morning I get a flight down to Geneva and then a quick train ride over to Chamonix to get settled in…awesome!

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Gold Coast With My Buds

Queensland surfingDrove down to Snapper Rocks yesterday with my buddies. It was an awesome day, can’t believe this time next week I’ll be in the French Alps trying my hand at snowboarding!

It’s gonna be weird not having waves to ride when I’m out in Europe…I’ve been surfing since I was old enough to swim but never been on snow let alone try skiing or boarding. But how hard can it be, right? 😉




Photo by Chilli Mimi

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Welcome to killerbphotography

Welcome to my blog!Queensland beach

I’m not much of a writer but…as they say…a picture says a thousand words. I love the sea, I love to travel and I love photography – this blog is my way of documenting everything and telling my story in pictures as I see the world.

I’m 22, from Queensland, Australia – grew up surfing and scuba diving, anything to be in or near the ocean…I’m travelling round the world these days, seeing what there is to see before I settle down (if I ever do).

Looking forward to the journey…on my way over to Europe in a few days, it’s gonna be sweeeet! First stop Paris, then down to the Alps…gonna try out some snow boarding! Gotta make sure I catch a few last waves here first before I go 🙂

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