Day: February 16, 2020

Wedding Bells, Venice, Plaster of Paris and Venetian Plaster

Well damn it’s been a long time since I’ve written here. Never planned on staying in this country – the UK is way too cold and sheesh where’s the sun? But here I still am, down in London now. Why? Well I guess love works in mysterious ways. So much has happened I’m not gonna even go there but suffice to say life took a few twists I never saw coming. If you’d told me three years ago I was going to meet the girl of my dreams, get hitched and end up staying here in the cold and rain , I would never have believed you.


Getting hit by a truck wasn’t part of the plan either to be honest.


So I’ve spent 12 months looking like something out of The Mummy and then going through some pretty extreme physio. I’m just about through it and lucky to be alive but let’s just say my surfing days are over.


Anyway we had a beautiful honeymoon in Venice – seems like a lifetime ago now. What an amazing city, never seen anything like it. Last month we had our place done up in Venetian plaster and every time I look at our new walls it reminds me of those two weeks in Italy before the world turned upside down. Quite possibly the happiest fortnight of my life.

Our new Venetian plaster wall

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